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Mama and the Mariner

The Mama!

Welcome All!

I’m Adriel! In a world of fine infotainment, thank you for visiting our corner where we share our experiences from our Travels, Parenting and little of everything else.

I have had an adventurous career ranging from the Hotel Industry to Auditing to Flying but nothing could have prepared me for my greatest calling- Being Mama to my darling daughter.

Travel, art, cooking and music are my interests and nothing excites me more than doing them with Family.

The Mariner!


I’m Kevin, a Merchant Navy Officer, Husband & Father. Each profile equally  demanding as it is rewarding.

It has taken me an Engineering degree in Marine Technology and several grueling National level examinations, to finally attain the title of “Master Mariner”. The journey has been one, frequented by hardships and tough calls but also the opportunity to travel and explore other cultures.

And what better than to have my family accompany me in these adventures full of fun, frolic, mouth watering food and dream destinations.


The road ahead teases to be all the more exciting as we welcome the latest and most adorable little addition to our family- Kay Kay!