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Your baby’s first year is filled with so many memories and milestones. Precious memories to be cherished for years to come.

Your little grows at an amazing pace in the first year, each one unique, of course, and so there is no definite time period or age for your baby to reach its milestones. So as part of the celebrations on the first birthday, I thought, instead of simply decorating all the walls in the party room, why not set one aside to display her milestones, for all to celebrate!

So I came up with this DIY for my little one’s first birthday party and put it up so that it was prominently displayed.

Here’s what I did-

  1. Each month, I clicked a picture of Kay-Kay in what was my favourite apparel for her in that month. The picture was taken while placing her on a contrasting blanket or bed sheet. The idea was to have a great looking background. I did, later find a “milestone blanket” at one of the stores but I would recommend it is more economic and sensible for you to utilize what is available to you at your home. Alternatively, you could, check this out :


  1. The first year sees some delightful developments occurring at a rather remarkable pace, so as not to miss any of them, I would note down the significant and adorable ones.
  2. Next is to put your photo editing skills to use. Translate these notes onto your baby picture for the month, along with the month number. With the numerous photo editing apps out there this should be a walk in the park for all you tech-savvy Mamas! Do this every month and by the end of the year you should have a dozen pictures, describing a thousand memories, ready to be exhibitioned.
  3. Depending on the space you have assigned for it, print your pictures in a suitable size. For added emphasis, I chose to put them in white cardboard frames. You could go with any colour frames or just have the photos printed with a border, whatever best suits the surroundings. I had my pictures printed in 5×7 size with 6×8 frames.
  4. Now its time to mount these masterpieces. I hung them on photo string LED lights (both electrical and battery operated options are available) ( .
  5. Ensure that the display wall has very little other decoration, so as to prominently feature your DIY. The LED lights will serve the purpose of making sure that everyone’s attention is drawn to the result of your efforts.

The response I received from all the guests was overwhelming but to tell you the truth, it was my husband and I that were the most pleased, to see how far Kay-Kay had come in just one year!

Worth all the effort!


I plan to file these in a memory book where they will serve as a complete record of my baby’s milestones in her first year!

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