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Baby wearing is one of our biggest joys of parenting, in my opinion.

We carry our babies for 9 months in the utero, making a perfect home for our baby. Your baby can identify your breath and your heartbeat and they are a constant companion to your child before they enter a whole new world outside. Baby wearing takes our babies back to that cozy, warm space that reminds them that they are home, with their little bodies snug up against ours and our hearts beating almost in sync, it’s almost magical!

In my last post we discussed why baby wearing is not just convenient but also has numerous benefits to the complete development of your child, emotionally and physically. If you missed the previous post, Click Here.

I personally fancied baby wearing even before I got pregnant. When I finally did start shopping for my baby, one of the first things I purchased was a carrier. My knowledge about baby wearing was very limited at the time and I settled for the first attractive-looking synthetic carrier I could find. I did enjoy baby wearing but couldn’t help but feel that there was more to it, that I had not yet grasped.

Only recently did I get my hands on the Flexi Full Buckle Carrier by Cuddle n Care and Kay-Kay and I haven’t been able to get enough of it 😊

  • Carrier: Bougainville Flexi Full Buckle Carrier
  • Fibre: 100% Cotton fabric that is handwoven
  • Size: Newborn to Toddler Size. Seat Width-13.5 inches, Body Panel Height-17 inches
  • Weight recomendation: 3.5 – 20 kgs approximately
  • This style is also available in Classic Full buckle and Meh Dai carriers.



If you are looking for one carrier to last through your entire baby wearing journey then get your hands on this type. As the name suggests, they are highly adjustable around the body panel – on both sides, middle of the panel and top and bottom. This carrier can support your baby right from the newborn stage to the toddler stages and can be adjusted to support their ever expanding, tiny frames, through these stages.

You can sport several carry positions – How cool is that? Carry your baby in a tummy to tummy position through the newborn to infancy stage and then a front and back position once your baby can safely hold his/her head.


The carrier is designed to provide an ergonomic M Position seat to support your baby and thereby retain the natural holding posture. Your baby’s hip, spine and back are comfortably carried even while donning in different positions.

I love the fact that I get to have my baby close and at the same time do not carry her weight on a single part of my back as the overall load is evenly distributed for comfortable wearing.


The secret to the snug fit are the well padded shoulder straps. You can cross them if you’re going to be carrying your baby for long hours. Also the lower part which supports your baby’s thighs are well padded for long wearing.

It took me a little practice to correctly secure the back strap but once I did, I realized that I could don the carrier by myself with no additional help.

The fabric is really light, breathable and simply feels like wearing another piece of clothing. And rightly so since they are sourced locally and hand picked to suit various climate types.

When not in use it can be neatly rolled and the loose straps can be secured, using the elastic loops that are provided on each strap. I for one, love my things to be prim and proper, so it was definitely satisfying to see that I could roll the carrier into a neat bundle and stow it away in my baby-travel-bag.


It’s super easy to feed in Cuddle n Care Carriers. Without much pressure on your shoulder and back, you can nurse your baby especially on long trips where you cant find a stop over. The nursing hood provides the needed privacy for doing so.

My husband was the first one to try this carrier and was overjoyed on trying it out to such an extent, that he ended up running around the house with Kay-Kay strapped in, for the next 20 minutes just because it was so comfortable.

Lastly, the Style Quotient, Whether it’s a mobile phone or a kitchen appliance, a lady loves her accessories to be stylish and trendy! The baby carrier is no exception. This one does indeed pass the fashion test, after all it was created by a fashion designer.

Kay-Kay loved the carrier just as much as I did and I would give this product a 5/5 for its ergonomic and comfort factor. If you would like to buy it click on the link.


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