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Sebamed Review – “Baby Wash” and “Children’s Shampoo”

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When it comes to keeping your baby clean, there’s a dizzying array of options to choose from, whether it’s baby soaps, shampoos, or body washes. So how do you pick the best one?
As a rule of thumb, we mothers try and avoid soaps because they may be too harsh and can strip your baby’s skin of moisture. So that means we turn to a baby wash. But even so, how do we choose the best for our little darlings?

Here’s an analysis of what your baby wash should and should not be, followed by a review on a new product I tried out- Sebamed Babywash and Children’s Shampoo.

Your baby’s skin is highly sensitive, so the first requirement is that the wash you use should be hypoallergenic- free of cosmetics. That is easier than understood. What are cosmetics really (At least the ones to be avoided)? I did a little reading on a few constituent elements of skin products and below are the findings:-

1) Sulfates- Sulfates are preservatives, and are most commonly found in hair products and bleaches, along with some skin products.vSulfates have been a part of preserving food and substances since ancient Greek times, but that doesn’t mean it’s always been a good idea. The good news? Sulfates are essentially fine, if you don’t have a sensitivity to them. If you do, however, the consequences can be extremely severe, including “dermatitis, urticaria, flushing, hypotension, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Sensitivity is rare but not extremely uncommon.
Another downside of sulfates is that if not properly chosen they contribute to the acidity of the product. This may stir a disturbance in your skin’s acid mantle (more on this later in the post). The ill effects of this are dryness and itchy skin.

2) Parabens- A new study in 2015 found that parabens prompted the swift growth of breast cancer cells in a lab environment. Though this is yet to be clinically confirmed, if the studies do point to a potential hazard, you’re better safe than sorry. So best avoid parabens.
3) Pthalates- Phthalates are used mainly to make things smoother and more solvent. The main issue is that phthalates seem to interfere with normal human hormone expression. Exposure to phthalates has caused reproductive problems and birth defects in lab animals, and a 2010 study found a link between phthalate levels and breast cancer in women.
At the same time these must be substituted suitably so as to render the wash effective.
So knowing what should be avoided, I will now review a product which meets more of less, all the required criteria to be a great baby wash- Sebamed Baby Wash and Sebamed Baby Shampoo.

Firstly, these two products maintain a pH value of 5.5 which is the natural pH value of our skin. Your babys skin is still developing just like everything else in your little bundle of joy and a disturbance in the natural balance could easily cause irritation or dryness.
The ingredients used in these products do not contain any parabens or phthalates. However, it does contain magnesium sulfate. This did set off a few alarms initially and so I did a little detailed study on this specific sulfate.

As I mentioned earlier, sulfates usually cause skin related irritation and allergy due to their disproportional acidity but for magnesium sulfate typically, the pH is between 5.5 and 6.5 which is near the natural required levels, hence these products can boast of having done away with the side effects of sulfates, as well.

As the ingredients suggest, sebamed has catered to all the requirements of your baby’s skin to make it a great product on paper. Lets me now share my first hand experience on using it.
It is contained in a Flip-top bottle and oozes out easily onto your hand. It is colourless and smells great. The wash and shampoo both are rather thick and so you need only use a little quantity. About a pea sized drop would be sufficient for the shampoo (My baby is a year old). It lathers fairly well and washes off just as easily too.

A big pro is that it does not cause teary eyes, so my baby does not react tearfully if any shampoo accidentally makes its way into her eyes.
On examining my baby’s skin after the wash, I found it to be soft and supple. In some other washes that I have used, my baby’s skin would be slightly dry after the wash and then normalize in some time. I did not realize this at first but after researching about the sulfates, I now understand why. The skin is cleansed without causing dryness or irritation. So I give full marks to Sebamed in this respect.
The Shampoo (150ml) and the Wash (200ml) are priced at Rs- 450 (MRP), a piece. It may sound a little steep, but after personally using them I would recommend that it’s definitely worth the buy. Keep an eye out, as great deals are always available on these products.

As the word Seba is very much related to skin, the suffix “Med” would seem fit as their products directly cater to the care of your baby’s skin! I cant wait to try out the rest of their range and when I do, the blog will be updated with more reviews.


To sum it up, a quick review, of the pros and cons of this product-
Pros – Does not cause irritation
– Leaves skin soft and supple after wash.
– Tear-free
– Safe ingredients used
– Requires only a little amount to be used.

Cons – Price is slightly on the higher side

To conclude, I would give this product 5/5 and would definitely recommend it, particularly for babies who’s skin tends to be on the dryer side.

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  • Sneha
    September 6, 2018

    very nicely written!

    • admin
      September 6, 2018

      Thanks Sneha. Lots more to come 🙂

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