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Step by Step guide to homemade Ghee (Clarified butter)

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As mothers, our first concern is adequate nutrition for our tiny tots. Even if the meals are made at home, one is still uncertain about the ingredients.
Brands do boast of purity, nutritive value and so on, but in our day and age, where counterfeit products are at large, there is no way for a layman to decipher if the packet does indeed contain the products the brand has packed. I understand that a suggestion involving complete homemade ingredients is nearly impossible, so I myself started with just a few, one of the first being Ghee and in doing so I realized just how simple it is.
That is why I want to share it with you, trust me it’s worth the effort and also allows for some added peace-of-mind knowing that your little one is consuming pure foods and why stop there, make some more and indulge in these ingredients yourself!
Ghee traditionally, has been deemed as a weight- gaining factor. However, it is not so much the ingredient, rather its quantity of consumption that causes these side effects. If taken adequately (ideally 10-15 grams/day), recent studies have shown that ghee is quite the superfood, that one must include in our weight loss journey.
Loaded with vitamins A, D, E and K, it is also a rich source of dietary fats. In order for these vitamins to be digested, they must combine with fat molecules as they are fat soluble.
Additionally it serves as a body cleanser that rids your body of impurities. It further strengthens eyesight, muscles and tendons.
But all of these pros can only attributed to HOME MADE GHEE, since it contains no added preservatives.
So lets get cooking Mamas!

STEP 1 : Collect cream

Take a clean utensil and add 2 tablespoon yogurt. Keep adding cream from full fat milk everyday and store it in a refrigerator. I use full fat buffalo milk.

STEP 2 : Churn the cream

A traditional Mathani (wooden whisk) is used to churn the cream for 7 to 10 minutes until you see butter forming and separating from the butter milk. I simply churn the cream in a mixer. For a gentle churn, rotate the knob of the mixer anti clock wise as it is the best setting to separate the butter.

STEP 3 : Cold water wash

Once you see the butter separating, put some cold water in an churn it further. This will help separate the butter fat from the butter milk.

STEP 4 : Cook the butter on low heat

Traditionally the butter globules are washed in cold water to remove all the buttermilk and then cooked on low heat. Do not cook the butter on a high flame as it will burn your butter and taste bitter. Collect the buttermilk in another vessel. You can make some thirst quenching chaas by adding black salt, cumin powder and fresh coriander leaves.

STEP 5 : Continue to simmer on low heat

Once all the butter melts, you will see foam rising. Keep mixing until all the moisture evaporates and you see clear ghee left. Ghee will change color now and get darker and the milk granules will roast and become coarse brown in color.

STEP 6 : Cool and collect

Once your ghee is ready, switch the gas off and allow it to cool for 10 minutes. Use a muslin cloth or fine mesh strainer to drain the ghee.
If stored in a dry container away from direct sunlight, home made ghee can last for upto 3 months, however if stored in a refrigerator, the shelf life could be improved upto a year.

Do give this one a try and leave a comment on your experience.

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