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Why I replaced my Sippy Cup with a Straw Cup!

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Your child has been drinking from a bottle but now it’s time to transition to a cup. You check out the market and find sippy cups in the most attractive colors, showcasing the latest toons and you’re determined on buying only the best for your little one. Sippy cups are not only easy to use but also leak proof and you don’t have to constantly clean up each time, as opposed to when your child drinks from a regular cup. Though they may seem as prize winners to the mamas, they are just as disadvantageous to the kids.

In recent years, many speech language pathologists who specialize in feeding in young kids, have come forward to say that sippy cups are not a great transitioning choice.

Here are a few reasons that indicate that a “Sippy Cup” isn’t the best option for your child at this stage:-

  1. If your child is transitioning from the breast or the bottle to a sippy cup, they tend to lean backward and drink from the sippy cup as if it were a bottle. The act of lying back or tipping their neck is similar to drinking from a bottle. A sippy cup is very similar to thumb sucking. In fact, my daughter would take solace in simply sucking on the spout instead of her thumb. When kids put a spout or their thumbs in their mouth, the tongue is misplaced and it pushes the teeth outward.
  2. Do not use a sippy cup for more than a month. A sippy cup is good for transitioning off the bottle but it should not become another substitute of the bottle.

After doing a fair amount of researching myself, I brought myself to agree to what the experts said and hence began looking for suitable alternatives.

A brilliant substitute available in the market is the straw cup. Of course, lot of looking up was done before I could come to the conclusion but when a friend of mine recommended the Philips Avent Straw Cup, I was double convinced so I went ahead and purchased it.

On having used it for some time now, here are some of the plus points about it:

  1. There is no known threat or danger to your baby’s linguistic development or feeding patterns. On the contrary it aids in the overall development of your child’s oral motor skills and also develops a mature swallowing pattern.
  2. The silicone straw has a leak-proof mechanism to prevent spills, so it’s a tidy affair even in the playful hands of your toddler, as even if the cup is tipped over or turned upside down, it will not result in any spills.
  3. The twisting lid tucks the straw away, keeping it clean until your child is ready to drink again. So you don’t even have to worry about a detachable cover that could easily go missing should your toddler decide to take it along for playtime.
  4. The material composition of this product does not disappoint either. It’s the Avent standard BPA-free material and the bottle and silicone straw are dishwasher safe.
  5. Additionally it is compatible with all Philips AVENT Classic bottles.

Taking all of this into consideration, I conclude that straw cups are a better choice over sippy cups.

Click on the link to purchase and see the options available –Philips Avent Straw Cup

So here’s to Smart Sipping. Cheers!

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